Digital Lobby Cards (DLC)

DLC revives a classic cinema memorabilia from film history for the digital age, inspired by the modern CryptoArt movement.

History of Lobby Cards

Lobby cards have been a fascinating component of film history. Beginning around 1913, they were printed in sets of 4-15 sheets to promote movies, as small nickelodeons rapidly scaled into larger commercial venues.

The boom of the film industry led to an increase in competition, along with the development of professional production studios, and Western stardom. This created the subsequent need to advertise actors/actresses, the associated studio, and of course, the content of the film itself.

Arguably, the golden age for lobby cards were between 1920s - 1960s as the silent era transitioned into talkies. Simple photo sets became nuanced and advanced, and lobby cards quickly became an art form in and of itself - perhaps the beginning of film memorabilia.

About this Project

Lobby cards slowly faded out of existence as the rapid development of commercial and household technology led to these posters becoming redundant. Yet there is so much shame in losing such a pleasant part of film history. At times, I recognize and support technological progress and the inevitable retirement of analog technology. But the revival of lobby cards seemed so appropriate as I eagerly discussed the implications of ERC721, ERC1155, and CryptoArt with a friend over Zoom.

I created DLC as a passion project to support young and up-coming artists through a different kind of crowdfunding for short and feature length films -- a proof of concept that while the passion economy or fandom culture exists today, closer bonds can form between a creator and their audience. And that film can be a more democratic industry where the people get to decide what films they enjoy, rather than studios.

All Released Collections

Value of DLCs

The value of DLCs come from a few different concepts.

THE ARTIST - Who is the director behind the project? Who are the actors? As the talents increase in popularity, their exclusive lobby cards associated with a film projects become more valuable to fans.

THE AESTHETIC - The beauty of the lobby card itself, such as what it portrays, the color and composition, who it features, and such.

THE EXCLUSIVITY - We vow to only ever release 1 unique version of each lobby card, and only 1 set of lobby cards for every artist's unique projects.

THE COMPLETE COLLECTION - Owning an entire set of lobby cards for a project is not easy, and as with all collections, a complete set is considered more valuable.

The Details and Tech

  • Each lobby card is 14" x 11" as per the standard American lobby card size.
  • Each complete lobby card set for a film contains 4-12 unique covers.
  • Each lobby card is a tradable ERC1155 standard token.


How we operate is subject to change without notice. Changes to our policy may or may not impact the valuation of your DLCs, and we are not responsible for any value appreciation, depreciation, or volatility as a result of said changes.