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Not Not Johnnie (2022)

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Photography has always been a large part of my identity since I printed my first photo in the darkroom when I was thirteen. I stopped shooting over my COVID era, but decided to relaunch my photography page in 2022 and refreshed my portfolio with a series of collaborations with local artists and creators.

I primarily shoot portrait, runway, and fashion photography (though much less now that photography isn't my main gig). Outside of the studio, I also have a growing collection of antique cameras and lenses.

Call me basic, but I reaaaally love taking polaroids too.

I'm currently working on a personal project called "The Space Between," a portrait series that explores the distance between two strangers, designed to create more intimate portraits. Subjects embark on a guided portrait shoot and card game experience (featuring deeply personal questions) made for young creatives, documenting the journey of opening up to a stranger.

You can learn more here:

Shot by JYU
Johnnie Yu (b.2000) is an American photographer, born and raised in Shanghai, currently based in New York City, primarily making work that explores his relationship with people & place.